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What Is The CTN ?

The Church Training Network exist to train and equip the 95% of churches in America under 500. 

What Others Are Saying

“I have worked under Eric’s leadership in a church plant, a multi site church and a church revitalization. He has a knack for quickly identifying and addressing dysfunction in church systems and personnel.  He passionately leads teams toward health while creating momentum to effectively reach their communities.”PJ Beaver – Pastor of Ministries at Vaughn Forest Church

“Eric is the real deal when it comes to passionate and strategic leadership.  He is a man of both Christlike character and action.  And he has a track record of helping churches and leaders of organizations maximize their effectiveness for greater kingdom impact.” Merle Mees – Lead Pastor at Pleasant Valley Baptist Church

“Whether as a lead pastor, church planter, or ministry pastor, it has always been obvious that Eric Smith has been a student of the importance of organizational structure. He has the unique ability to communicate vision and build momentum with those he leads and serves. He is driven to build healthy processes and paths that lead to Kingdom growth.” Scott Wilson – Director of Hispaniola Mountain Ministry

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