We invite your church to be part of a learning community. A learning community is a group of a minimum of six church senior level staff teams learning together for 13 months. The learning community training is a unique experience because you and your team will get access to the Momentum system for a fraction of the cost. Another great advantage of doing a learning community is the share experience and learning from the other churches who are part of the community. You get to learn from what they are learning, but you also get the opportunity to build life long ministry friendships. The learning community environment is an electric environment for learning with your team.

Your covers the cost of the 2-day learning community training every three months and one monthly phone or video chat for 1 hour each month that the learning community training does not take place. Your team is allowed to bring up to six leaders total to the learning community. You and your team learn the Momentum System. Momentum is a step-by-step system for growing a healthy church.

  • World-class trying for a fraction of the cost (you pay based on church size) 
  • 13 – Month Learning Community
  • 5 – Learning Community Gatherings (2 day each time)
  • 7 – One hour video/phone meetings with one of our trainers
  • Up to six of your team members get to come the LCG
  • A workbook for each team member
  • A copy of the book Momentum by Eric Smith

Learning Community Sample Calendar

January 15-16             Launch Meeting                9am – 4:30pm and 8:30 – 12

February                      Coaching Call

March                           Coaching Call

April 11-12                   1st Quarterly                       9am – 4:30pm and 8:30 –12

May                               Coaching Call

June                              Coaching Call

July 16-17                     2nd Quarterly                     9am – 4:30pm and 8:30 –12

August                          Coaching Call

September                   Coaching Call

October 3-4                 3rd Quarterly                      9am – 4:30pm and 8:30 –12

November                    Coaching Call

December                     Coaching Call

January 13-14              4th Quarterly                      9am – 4:30pm and 8:30 –12

Extra Coaching Cost (12 months)

Coaching is available for an extra fee of $299 each month per team member that wants coaching. The coaching is a one-hour video or phone conversation every other week.