Training Cost

Your monthly fee based on the size of your church and your annual budget, then it is determined by our team what portion of your fee is covered for the 13-month Training Process. The Training Process consist of 5 separate times during the 13-months for 2-days every three months.  You will also receive a monthly phone or video chat for 1 hour each month that the learning community training does not take place.  You and your team will get to learn and implement the Momentum System.

The typical cost to hire the Equip Coaching team for one-on-one consulting to learn and implement the Momentum system is $25,000 -$35,000 annually.

We discuss with you the current situation at your church and our team determines if your church is the right partner to receive one of our annual scholarships. If you are approved, then you will receive a scholarship to cover a large portion of your fee.