What is the CTN?

Simply Stated: The Church Training Network exist to make world-class training assessable to every church. 

CTN’s Training Platform: The Church Training Network uses the Momentum content for training churches, but instead of one-on-one consulting the CTN reduces the cost dramatically by offering training through Learning Communities.

What is a Learning Community? A Learning Communities consist of a minimum of six churches in a specific region who come together for 5 separate trainings over a 13-month period. The churches spend two days together each time we train and they can bring up to six team members to the training. The beauty of a Learning Community is the dialogue and relationships that take place among the participating churches. The learning environment is heightened because you get to learn from others as they are also going through the same process. 

If you church desires one-on-one consulting and training with the Momentum team, the cost ranges between $25,000-$30,000 annually. The exciting thing about the Church Training Network is it brings smaller and mid-size churches the same world-class training that larger churches have access too. 

The Church Training Network uses Momentum because it helps good churches become great by bringing clarity to their vision and strategic plans, building relational trust on their staff and within their church leadership, and by growing a healthy culture that produces a discipling culture.