What is the CTN?

Simply Stated: The Church Training Network exist to train and equip the 95% of churches in America under 500. 

CTN’s Training Platform: The Church Training Network uses the Equip Coaching and the Momentum Process for training churches, but the cost dramatically by offering training through the generous scholarships of our donors. 

How does it work ? First, you contact our team and we will discuss with you to determine if you are a good candidate to receive a scholarship for the training. If we determine your church is a good partner, then we begin our training that last for a 13-months. The scholarship does not cover 100% of the cost because we are convinced if you don’t have some skin in the game, then you will lack the commitment it takes for us to assist you. 

If you church does not qualify for a scholarship you can still work with us and recieve one-on-one consulting and training with the Equip Coaching team. The exciting thing about the Church Training Network is it brings smaller and mid-size churches the same world-class training that larger churches have access too.